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    Taste Delicious, Warm and Refreshing.
    We welcome you to a delicious feast of exquisite dishes in Goot Resorts. With a wide range of world cuisines to choose from, we guarantee you a sumptuous feast experience in our restaurant.- Hana Bitar -

    Popular Dish

    Grilled Steak on Griller
    Grilled Steak on Griller
    The steak is prepared in less than 40 minutes to be a perfect dinner. Served with grilled vegetables, served with a little pesto sauce to make the meal full of delicious taste.
    Shrimp Tempura
    Shrimp Tempura
    Sweet and sour flavour are delicious and perfect flavour to experience Chinese cuisine. In this recipe we put a lot of different vegetables for the variety of elements of the dish.
    Cordon Bleu
    Cordon Bleu
    The main ingredients of the Chicken Cordon Bleu are chicken and Swiss cheese. Many other recipes also use bread crumbs as a crust of chicken.

    Intercontinental Taste

    The taste you wouldn't forget

    Restaurant Menu

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    Oriental And ContinentalChef Selection
    • Oriental SR50
    • Hommous – Labnah – Olives – Beans
    • Egg per your choice – Feta Cheese
    • Presented with oriental bread
    • Tea – Milk
    • Continental SR75
    • Toast – Butter – Mix of Jam – Honey
    • Mix of Croissant – French Bread
    • Kashkaval Cheese
    • Milk – Fruits Salad – Orange Juice
    Cordon BleuChef Selection
    • Today Soup SR20
    • Hommous SR12
    • Spring Roll with Vegetables SR18
    • Marinated Hamour Fish Slices SR100
    • Shrimps on Chinese Style (w/ Sweet and Sour Sauce) SR100
    • Chicken Cordon Bleu SR80
    • Mix of Seasonal Fruits SR25
    • Fresh Fruits Salad with Ice Cream SR35
    • Fruit Juice SR25
    Grilled SteakChef Selection
    • Lentil Cream Soup SR18
    • Beryani – White – Goot Style SR25
    • Grilled Steak on Griller SR100
    • Cheese Sambousah SR14
    • Goot Salad SR40
    • Arabic Coffee Pot (presented with luxury kinds of dates) SR35
    • Chocolate Mousse SR15
    • Fresh Fruits Salad with Ice Cream SR35
    • Fruit Juice SR25